libc: patched for Debian sarge to fix floating point exceptions on SSE2

GNU libc version 2.3.2 has a bug "feclearexcept() error on CPUs with SSE" (fixed in 2.3.3) which has been submitted to Debian but not fixed in sarge.

While I do not know enough about the Debian scripts to make a dpatch to get this fixed once and for all in the Debian distribution, I have assembled a (hackish) solution to produce .debs free from this bug. The method is:

  1. apt-get source glibc
  2. alter line 134583 of glibc-2.3.2.ds1/debian/patches/10_cvs.dpatch:
> +      xnew_exc &= excepts ^ FE_ALL_EXCEPT;
< +      xnew_exc &= ~excepts;
  1. Edit debian/changelog to include a brief description of this patch. Append .1 to revision number to create .deb packages with a new revision numbers. This keeps apt-get upgrade happy.
  2. fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -b -uc -us
Links to .debs using the above instructions:

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