dlportio - yet another Python parallel port library for win32

After a few minutes of sniffing around, I couldn't find anything that let me use the parallel port with Windows XP and Python 2.4. Dincer Aydin's winioport is not available for Python 2.4 and pyparallel fails with a "WindowsError: exception: priviledged instruction". (Note: I think installing giveio.sys will resolve the issue, but I haven't located a copy of giveio.sys.)

Therefore, I've created a wrapper of dlportio by SST. Download Windows 95/NT Port I/O Driver (filling out a form is necessary to download port95nt.exe).

I'm including pre-compiled binaries for Python 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 in addition to the source (to compile, Pyrex and a C compiler are needed), in my files directory.

The usage is simple and should be identical to winioport:

import dlportio
dlportio.out(0x378,0xFF)    # set output bits on LPT1
value = dlportio.inp(0x379) # read inputs bits LPT1

I have released this package under the BSD license, although dlportio itself is closed-source.

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