Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras are supported?

See What cameras are supported?.

What frame rates, image sizes, bit depths are possible?

See What frame rates, image sizes, bit depths are possible?.

Which way is up? (Why are my images flipped or rotated?)

Motmot always keeps the camera pixel data in the same order and layout as provided from the source. This source is often live, uncompressed images direct from the camera sensor (rather than .avi files of any sort). With that in mind, some manufacturers read out their chips from top to bottom, and others from bottom to top. Thus, raw pixel coordinates are defined by the camera manufacturers – 0,0 is the first pixel to arrive, but it can be at any of the four camera corners. (Additionally, for some cameras, it is hard to discern a “correct” mounting orientation, with the top and bottom of camera enclosures being close to perfectly mirror symmetric.)

Therefore, the image processing components of Motmot operate in raw pixel coordinates. However, the view of the images in motmot.wxvideo.wxvideo.DynamicImageCanvas and motmot.wxglvideo.simple_overlay.DynamicImageCanvas may be changed by calling those classes’ set_rotate_180() and set_flip_LR(). The fview application calls these methods as appropriate based on the user’s selection in the View menu.