connoshow is a WordPress plugin to show a Connotea bookmark's title and create links to it in the content of a blog entry.

Although the current version is perfectly functional, its simplicity means it only suggests what is possible. For example, automatic bibliography generation with in-text citations and custom styles seems a straightforward, if somewhat labor intensive, extension.

Current version: 0.1
Author: Andrew Straw
Author email: or
License: MIT (see below)

example usage and screenshot

Use is simple. Enclose a Connotea bookmark hash between [conno] and [/conno]. For example:

Today I read a fantastic article ([conno]5bd686753a6d9b6fa0f8803149963b14[/conno]) by Straw, et al.

And the result will be something like the following. (Note the automatically generated paper title and links to the Connotea bookmark and the URL.)

connoshow screenshot


Download connoshow.php listed below. To install, place in your wp-content/plugins directory and add your username/password.

Alternatively, you can grab the source code using bzr with:

bzr branch

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