I (Andrew Straw) am the primary author and maintainer of this open source software:

  • Vision Egg - Python visual stimulus generation library
  • motmot - realtime camera software, including libcamiface
  • pylibusb - Python wrapper for libusb
  • PyUniversalLibrary - Python wrapper for Measurement Computing's DAQ library Universal Library
  • stdeb - Python to Debian source package conversion utility
  • connoshow - a WordPress plugin to show a Connotea bookmark's title and create links to it in the content of a blog entry
  • wjUL - PyUniversalLibrary-like use of Warren Jasper's Measurement Computing PMD library (mcclibhid)
  • drosophila eye map - directions of ommatidial axes of Drosophila melanogaster

I also wrote some stuff I have put in my virtual attic, where it is now gathering virtual dust:

  • dlportio - yet another Python parallel port library for win32
  • posix_sched - Python wrapper for the POSIX sched commands
  • pytrackit - listens on the network for any information broadcast by the Trackit system by BIOBSERVE.
  • seppo - simple embarrassingly parallel python

I have several repositories for Ubuntu and Debian software at debs.astraw.com

I am maintaining (or least hosting) this open source software:

  • PyOSG - Python wrapper for Open Scene Graph

I am a contributor to the following open source projects:

I have information about a bug in libc in Debian sarge.

If you are a collaborator of mine, read about getting access to the git repositories I host.

This website is maintained with rest2web, and you may read more about how I use it here.

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