cam_iface – Python wrapper of libcamiface

This is a ctypes wrapper of libcamiface - camera interface C API. It requires libcamiface 0.5.9 or higher.


The usual:

python install


pycamiface is licensed under the BSD license. See the LICENSE.txt file for the full description.

Example usage

A very simple example of usage is in the file demo/ This file contains the following:

# Also the example in ../README.rst -- so keep in sync
import pkg_resources
import motmot.cam_iface.cam_iface_ctypes as cam_iface
import numpy as np

mode_num = 0
device_num = 0
num_buffers = 32

cam = cam_iface.Camera(device_num,num_buffers,mode_num)
frame = np.asarray(cam.grab_next_frame_blocking())
print 'grabbed frame with shape %s'%(frame.shape,)