motmot.fview_ext_trig - camera trigger device

This package provides Python access to the motmot camera trigger device. There are three modules within this package:

  • motmot.fview_ext_trig.ttrigger – This is a Python module with traited classes to interact with the camtrig device. (lowest level)
  • motmot.fview_ext_trig.live_timestamp_modeler – This module provides a class, LiveTimestampModeler, that links the clocks of the camera and the host computer, keeping a running update of the relationship between the computer’s clock and the current framenumber on the camera. The LiveTimestampModelerWithAnalogInput class also provides a time-locked data stream on up to four channels. (middle level)
  • motmot.fview_ext_trig.fview_ext_trig – This model implements a plugin for fview to use the LiveTimestampModelerWithAnalogInput class. (high level)

Command-line commands

This package installs several command-line commands:

  • trigger_set_frequency – Set the frequency of the camera sync trigger on the CamTrig device.
  • trigger_check_device – Check for the presence of the CamTrig device. If the device is not found, it returns with a non-zero exit code.
  • trigger_enter_dfu_mode – Reboot the CamTrig device into the DFU (Device Firmware Upload) mode. This can be used in conjunction with dfu_programmer or Atmel FLIP to flash the device with new firmware.


This Python module implements a class, FviewExtTrig, that provides an fview plugin to use the camtrig device. In the fview_ext_trig file, this class is registered as an FView plugin (see writing FView plugins).

fview_ext_trig requirements

traits, remote_traits, pylibusb

To use the fview plugin, you will also need chaco.