The name motmot

Where does the name motmot come from? In short, it grew out of a previous project named “kookaburra”, and motmot is a bird related to the kookaburra (both are related to the kingfisher). See wikipedia on motmots for more information.

Packages within motmot

High level GUI app

  • fview - Application with plugin architecture to enable writing new realtime analyses by creating your own process_frame() function.

Core camera infrastructure

Core display infrastructure

Analysis infrastructure

  • FastImage - Pyrex based wrapper of Intel’s Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) Library
  • motmot.FlyMovieFormat - Code for manipulating .fmf movies. Includes Python (read/write) and MATLAB® (read-only) bindings.
  • realtime_image_analysis - Implements background subtraction and 2D feature extraction using FastImage

FView plugins

  • fview_ext_trig - software and firmware for precisely timed trigger generation with synchronized analog input
  • flytrax - fview plugin for tracking 2D points in realtime and saving data and small images
  • fview_periodic_trigger - example fview plugin to trigger an external device at a fixed interval
  • fview_change_trigger - example fview plugin to trigger an external device based on image change
  • fview_c_callback - example fview plugin that calls pure C code
  • fview_live_histogram - example fview plugin that calls pure Python code
  • trackem - multiple point realtime tracker


  • motmot_utils - Facilitate versioning and configuring of motmot packages
  • posix_sched - Python extension module to boost priority in POSIX systems
  • pygxinput - use XInput devices with pyglet

Deprecated packages

  • wxvalidatedtext - validated integer/float text entry field for wxPython
  • wxwrap - wrapper to allow use of multiple wxPython versions

Mailing list

To stay up to date, ask questions, and share information, join the motmot email list. The archives are also online.